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Business Diary enables businesses or individuals to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. We believe every contact is important for any businesses or individuals. Let’s go with Business Diary and feel difference.

  • Contacts
    • "If You Have Contacts, We have Solution. If you have product, We have marketing media. If you have customer, We have power to retain them. Let's meet together and create your own DIGITAL WORLD.
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A Way to manage Your Work Effectively

We help Small Businesses to grow in this Competitive Market through power of Technology Register and get 50 SIGNUP SMS Credit to test our services !

  • Contact Management

    Save your important contacts in digital formats and never loose it.

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  • Create Group

    Group wise contacts help you to search and identify contacts effectively.

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  • Occasion Reminder

    Birthday reminder, Anniversary reminder for healthy relation.

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  • Finance Management

    Income/Expense management tool create impact on your finance goal.

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  • SMS Campaign

    Advertise your product, services and create announcement to other.

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  • E-Mail Campaign

    Make your business and product identity globally

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  • Task & Events

    Set your Activity/task and follow towards accomplishment..

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  • Reports

    Measure your activity with appropriate manner.

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Organised Activity

Simplified Your Days

Business Diary Enable you to manage your Contacts Effectively and provide measurable tool for your set activity. Automatic Special occasion Reminder(Birthday, Anniversary etc.) add more credibility for healthy personal and Business Relation

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A better way to Grow Sales

Either individual or Business give personal touch with power of SMS and Email. As a growing Demand of Digital Marketing campaign, Get update your client about Latest offer and Scheme. Turn Prospecting Client to sales through SMS and EMAIL Campaign. Choose from our predesigned various Email templates and send right one


Simplified Financial Objective

Financial Goal and planning very crucial for anyone either Individual or Business. Every one faces Day to Day financial Transaction, cash, cheque or advances. Either income or expenditure Proper management of financial transaction decide your Future Goal of Progress.

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Did You Know?

As you registered with Business Diary, How effective can you manage your group, contacts, tasks & many more...!!

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