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(Frequently Asked Questions )

Using our Software is always free. But we have starting one time single package of Rs. 2900, where you will get marketing services.

Either individual or business, If you have a contacts and you want to secure and retain them you must account on business diary. To know more information go to features option. We are going to introduce ANDROID application in coming days.

Your username or email will be your associate ID.

No. your account will not remove, even also you can refer other to join with business diary

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan within the system itself after signing up.

You need to pay immediate through online or bank wire transfer.

For paid plans Business Diary accepts Visa, MasterCard, NEFT, Direct bank Deposite, Cheque payment and you will be billed in Indian INR.

Absolutely. Our servers are hosted in parallel hosting provider center with 24 hour monitored security, redundant power and cooling, active fire detection and suppression, and staffed 24×7 by senior systems and network engineers. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant, and our databases are backed up daily and securely transferred and stored. Business Diary also offers SSL encryption.

You can find our Privacy Policy here and.

Referral is a programme where you can join another member by providing your register email or user name( If you are already member). New user will put your email or username in the field of associate ID on registration form.

You can use any device with an internet connection and a web browser to run Business Diary. Web browsers that work best with Business Diary are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Also in later stage you can use business diary on your android mobile.

Our system is purely referral based system. To identify who is your associate and who is in your downline, it help to generate fair commission and payouts.

We offer telephonic support to our associates, apart we organize seminar for our associates for how to to do business with referral.

If you want more SMS or Email Packages then you can go according to our packages, you can choose any one of available or just talk to our representative.

No. You can cancel your account at any time and we do not charge any set up fees.

Yes, as per our terms of service, Business Diary issue refunds if you will not satisfied with our services. You have to apply for refund within 7 days of providing order. See refund policy.

Yes, all accounts have a data export facility built in.

Account on business diary is free and always will be, your account will be not remove and it will live for lifetime. But there is some limitation of free user and paid user. You can create, upgrade and manage your data if you are free or paid user

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As you registered with Business Diary, How effective can you manage your group, contacts, tasks & many more...!!

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